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Marisa Ginger Tontaveetong is an Oscar-longlisted animation short director and filmmaker-in-residence with the Atlanta Film Society. Graduating from Savannah College of Art and Design with an MFA in Animation and a Bachelor of Technology in Computer Graphics and Multimedia, she is interested in blending technology and tradition to create experiences. Working as a S3R3 Coordinator with SIGGRAPH, world leading conference on graphics and technological advancement, she makes it a priority to know what is forefront and upcoming in the technology world and looks for ways to efficiently integrate it into her work. She also welds a T4i DSLR, works with a ZoomH4N sound recorder, and cuts and edits VO with Adobe Audition on a regular basis.


As the current executive director of ASIFA-SOUTH (International Animation Society- South US Chapter), she is responsible for spearheading their new brand identity since 2014, restructuring internal communications, delegating, and organizing a standard procedure for organizing events, workshops, and animation screening events. She is also the producer for SiGGRAPH ASIA 2017 Computer Animation Festival, Thailand working with chair Juck Somsaman (Head of the Monk Studio, Thailand) and Prashant Buyyala (Head of Studio, Oriental Dreamworks) to coordinate and facilitate all aspects for a successful screening. She is also no stranger to multitasking also working with SIGGRAPH Student Services department to coordinate 50-100 student portfolio reviews over a span of 3 days at the conference onsite and bi-annually online scheduling and coordinating with a committee in different timezones. While at SCAD, she has also won the Student Leader of the Year Award, Coordinator’s Choice Award, as well as Student Ambassador Scholarship Award and was a Lead Peer Educator.

In the year 2016, She has watched over 1000 animated shorts collectively as the jury for the Atlanta Film Festival’s Oscar-eligible animated shorts category, NW Animation Festival, and ASIFA-SOUTH RYO Animation Festival. She has also been invited to lead numerous panels at General Assembly, Dragoncon, Momocon, Atlanta Film Festival, MICA, Bangkok University as a professional guest speaker. 


STARLIGHT, the  2D animated short she co-directed was OSCAR-LONGLISTED, has won numerous accolades, and has screened at festivals around the world such as at Pictoplasma in Berlin, Animation World Summit in India (Flying Elephant Runner Up), and the Atlanta Film Festival (Jury’s Choice Award). She has commissioned animated shorts for the Atlanta Film Society/ Atlanta Hartfield Airport (Return Flight- American Illustration- Photography International Motions Award 5 winner/ Locomocion Festival Emergent Plastica Award), Puppetry Center of Art (with a grant). Most of her pieces are produced within a 10 week constraint. She has also interned with Floyd County Production on the Emmy-nominated FX animated series ARCHER with the illustration department helping to create guidelines for season 6 as well as MOXIE, Advertising Agency on animated content for Chick-Fil-A and Wells Fargo social campaign. With over 10+ years of working in the web and graphic design domain with clients and brands globally such as Unilever/ SINKID in Singapore, MullenLowe Group Thailand, her speciality is quick turn translation of concept to animatic pitch boards, animated gifs for social media, and basic vfx use of particles as well as motion tracking for work such as phone screen replacements. She is also a stop motion specialist with a 3D/2D generalist skills for modeling, rigging, lighting, puppet animation, and more. She has worked with a medical online directory as the lead brand/ web designer working with the programming team to coordinate the look and feel, constantly readjusting designs with usability feedback. With her partner in Thailand, she has also worked on a freelance basis with a programming team for over 5+ years and junior designers to deploy over 100+ websites working with clients globally.


Currently she runs a niche blog for animators that have an average of 10,000 hits a month with a frequency update of one post every 2 months zoning in on knowledge about film festival submissions,  industry interviews, with a business law column written by her esteemed entertainment lawyer partner Lee Morin. Current blog statistic since it’s start in 2014 is at over 750k visits and 80k visitors. She also is versed in basic SEO and keyword planning.